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Interior Paint Color Trends in 2021 

Most people spent more time in their houses last year. Because of this, a lot of homeowners were inspired to upgrade their homes. The reason for this is that the lockdown gave people a lot of time to look at their house. This is particularly true when it comes to interior paint color.  


With a new year comes changing visions and a fresh start. If you’re planning to upgrade your home, one of the easiest and most affordable ways you can use is to upgrade the interior paint color.  

However, before you hire painting services in Warren, MI, here are interior paint color trends you should consider this 2021. 

Jewel-Toned Plum 

A saturated and deep plum color on your walls will generate a unique and elegant room. It offers a modern look to the space, especially if you combine this color with metallic finishes and warm wood finishes on furniture and décor. This produces a luxurious entertainment space in any sitting room. 

Bold and Rich Reds 

This year, red shades are going to be extremely popular. Both smoke/warm paprika hues and rich/bold wine shades are popping up everywhere.  

If you want to produce a great backdrop to an eclectic collection of artwork and personal belongings, try to combine a pure and chalky white main wall and rich wood flooring with a red wine tone on half-wall wainscoting.  

If you want to produce a comfortable and warm bohemian feel, use a burnt and smoky sienna hue and combine it with woven textiles and natural wood.  

Warm and Dark Gray 

In any room, you can produce a modern and comfy look with this grounded shade of gray. This color perfectly works as an accent color or the primary wall color. This makes it a very versatile natural option.  

For instance, you can utilize this hue in a bedroom as an accent and pair it with a chalky white wall to produce a modern and restful environment. If you want to add a little luxury into your bedroom, try adding pale pink décor and natural wood finishes.  

On the other hand, you won’t necessarily sacrifice a comfortable feeling if you use this neutral and dark shade as the main wall color. Combine it with natural wood accents in the décor and white accent paint color. 

60-30-10 Rule 

Once you have picked the color, you should follow the 60-30-10 color design rule. For those who don’t know, this rule suggests that 60% of the color of a room should be the dominant color, 30% will be the secondary, and 10% will be the accent. 

Color Trends in Your House 

The soothing and calm presence of neutral colors is perfectly delivered if they are provided enough space. Because of this, you’ve got to consider using the neutral palette on huge surface areas in your house. Typically, you can find these places in your carpeting and furniture choices, as well as your entire walls. Add smaller accents in your house if you are looking to add vibrant paint colors to your neutral theme.  

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Reminders to Make Your Home Prepared for the Coming Holidays

Holidays are exciting day for most of the people. This is the time that they can take more rest or some time to relax when it comes to getting a good vacation. Others would plan to go somewhere so that they can have the chance to enjoy and get rid of that stress that they are feeling right now. Most of the people would think that it is better to have a happy holiday at home only and enjoy doing those stuff that can help them to improve the quality of their living.  

Of course, you don’t need to sacrifice this kind of thing in order for you to get to know that your home is a safe place to live. You can start doing things in advance so that you won’t be compelled to do them all at the same time. There are cases as well that you need to plan a good way to clean the house or to repair those problems there. A lot of house owners won’t pay much attention to this one since they don’t need to worry as they can hire others when there are things that are wrong and in trouble. We need to think that we can avoid those unpleasant things to happen when we can find a solution in advance.  

There are many things that you can do and prepare a few days before the holiday. It can help you to enjoy your holiday without worrying of the problems. Remember that you don’t need to worry about cleaning things when an unexpected visitor comes in your house. Whenever you need to go out and enjoy staying in a place where you think you can have a peaceful night, then that would be fun.  

You can start by checking and knowing more of your air conditioner. In case, that this one has some problems, then you can call an ac repair North Port. This will help your ac to be fixed in a nice way, and you don’t have to worry about the troubles that it can bring to you. It is a nice idea as well that you will think of the possible maintenance so that it can work properly. If you can clean this one on your own, then that would be great. You can save more money and enjoy the best cooling experience.  

At the same time, you can check the plumbing system in your property. You need to know if there are some damages there that you need to fix. There could be some leaks and holes there in your pipes that would need urgent attention.  

This is the perfect time as well to check and inspect the roof of your house. There could be some small holes that you need to plaster or else, you will suffer some pouring water problems. There are times that we ignore simple and small things as we believe that they won’t affect too much. You need to enjoy your holiday and reduce the chance of thinking those problems.  


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